Nancy’s Bio


Nancy 2015   PentacleDove

Nancy Chandler is a MesoPagan author who celebrates her zeal for Wicca and magick through the Kabbalistic-Gnostic Pantheons. In 2001, she became an ordained Interfaith Minister, with an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity. From an early age, Nancy found fundamental patriarchal Christianity incredibly flawed, and voicing these opinions about the Free Will/Predestination paradox.  This became a real problem for her private school.

Trinitarian (Christian) Wicca was developed from coven training in Dianic and Alexandrian Wicca, after being introduced to the Hebrew Goddesses among the Dianic community in Los Angeles 1987 and a ceremonial approach to God from a the Alexandrian point of view in Rockville, MD 1988.

Born on July 4, Nancy’s personality has formed as an independent thinker. She is also a musician, an author, a teacher, and is in some ways a spiritual rebel. She has always followed her own heart. Until age 26, Nancy was clearly irreligious, if not a deist, but this didn’t detract from her Occult studies while on the road.  A songwriter and guitarist since her early teens, she has written and produced several albums, and has founded an independent record label and distribution company. From 1983 until 1998, Nancy traveled extensively, performing and promoting her music. She has been featured regularly in major magazines and independent publications.

Nancy is a full time occultist, tarot reader, and owner of Gypsy Hoodoo Magickal Supplies. Her business focuses on selling herbs, oils, candles, books, and ritual and spell supplies for the entire magickal community. Nancy firmly believes that magico-religious tolerance will be achieved through the studies of parallel philosophies, and comparative spiritual research. Nancy holds true to these ethics in her teachings and life.